How I edit my Instagram photos

Today I am going to talk about how I take and edit my Instagram photos’s. I spend a lot of time taking my photo’s because I will not stop until I am completely happy with how they look. This could mean taking the same photo 100 times and still ending up with no photo, but in contrast to this sometimes on 2 photos are taken. As you can tell not every photo that I take ends up in my Instagram.

How I Take The Photos

In order to take Instagram pictures, I first open up all of the blinds in my bedroom. This is to make sure the the photo has enough natural lighting to not look too yellow and fake. Once i have plenty of natural light coming in I grab a few items from my room that I want to photograph. These items can range from a pencil case full of colouring pencils to a bag full of makeup products, it depends on the day. Once I have gathered all of the items I want to be in the photos I organise where the photo will be taken. All of my Instagram photos are taken on my bed with either a white sheet or comforter as a back drop. I then arrange the items that I gathered earlier into a flat lay photo. Most of the times i find that the items do not work together by themselves so I add a book or a bag to the background to tie the items together.

How I Edit The Photos 

Once I have taken the photos, I use an app called VSCO (Perviously known as VSCO cam) to edit my photos. I upload all of my photos to the VSCO library and then edit them as i want to post them. Most of my photos are not overly edited. When I am editing pictures I use the F2 filter at about 100% strength, I then slightly up the brightness to +2. I also increase the contrast to +3 and that is it, the photo is ready to be posted.

Some of my Instagram Photos

Unedited                                                          Edited

12498996_826496244125449_170061368_n.jpg                 12834871_826496097458797_1110939422_n.jpg

12380425_826497114125362_1570816386_n.jpg                 12324941_826496207458786_783455108_n.jpg

11998789_826496260792114_401771095_n.jpg                 12834799_826496307458776_1255234696_n.jpg



8 thoughts on “How I edit my Instagram photos

  1. A Makeup Moment says:

    Great post, very informative! But I’d love to know more about you? Maybe write an introductory post with a bit of info! Welcome to the blogging world x


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