Lush Review

Hey guys, recently I have been trying to try more things from Lush, so this meant not heading for the bath bombs, melts and bubble bars every time I went into a Lush store. So today I though i would review some of the products that I have tried. So today I will be telling you about the Ocean Salt Facial Scrub, the D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap and the Soft Coeur Massage Bar.

Ocean Salt Facial Scrub



Large (250g) – $42.50 NZD, £13.25 GBP

When you first open Ocean Slat there is a blue layer on the top which is salt, you have to stir this through before using otherwise there is very little salt in the rest of the product. This product had a very rough scrub and for people with very sensitive face skin like me you can still use it but you should only use it once every two weeks at most. With this product I also found that due to the lemon, lime, grapefruit and vodka if you had an open blemish on your face it would sting quite badly. I found this product worked great on your whole body not just your face and that it could be used more often on the body. The avocado made it very moisturizing and left your skin feel really soft. Overall I very much liked this product and will be purchasing again.

 D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap



Small (70g) – $12.90 NZD, £5.75 GBP

This product definitely is not one of my favourites, while it leaves your skin smooth and smells really good, it doesn’t lather at all. The word soap is probably a bad choice. The texture of the product is very whipped, but it doesn’t melt with heat or lather making it very difficult to get a layer of the product over your skin evenly, you come out with clumps her and there and then clumps that just end up wasted and down the drain. This means for a product that is quite pricey there is quite a bit of wastage. As the product doesn’t lather and spread over the skin it means that you can end up with quite a patchy shave and the product didn’t cover the whole area needing to be shaved. This is a product that I probably will not repurchase as it is expensive and quite a bit of it ends up being wasted.

 Soft Coeur Massage Bar



One Size (30g) – $14.90 NZD, £4.95 GBP

This product smells amazing, it is very sweet so if you don’t like sweet scents this isn’t the one for you. It smells like a mix of honey with white chocolate and milk/dark chocolate combined. This product is very moisturizing although it does leave a slightly greasy felling, but it dose make for mush softer skin the next day. The only downside of almost any Lush massage bar is that they melt very easily as they are designed to melt at human body temperature so you have to be very careful about storage.
I hope that these reviews have helped a little if you were planning on trying new products from Lush, or if you were just interested about someone else’s findings.
Thank you for reading.
Hope xoxo



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