Monthly Favourites – March

Today I thought that I would post my monthly favourites. To start with I though I would tell you how i think I am going to do my monthly favourites. I think that I am going to have all of the usuals in there like the makeup either hair of skin care, and the a random favourite.  I will choose 3 or 4 products for each section. So I guess I will get onto my march favourites.



Bobbi Brown Eye Primer

I have loved this primer all month. It takes very little to make your eyeshadow stay on all day, and it also makes your eyeshadows look much more vibrant in colour. It is definitely a product that I love and will continue to use.



12910956_832869993488074_1225185047_n.jpgBenefit Ther’re Real Mascara

This product is a great way to finish off an eye look. It enhances your lashes without clumping. It makes you have really long really black eyelashes that are just stunning. I love this product and have purchased it twice.



12884361_832869580154782_94141044_n.jpg Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer.

I use this product as more of a highlighter and to cover the darker circles under my eyes. I used it on my cheek bones and also my lose to highlight and create definition. It works really well and when set with a powder stays in place well also.



12910131_832870150154725_380472196_n.jpg Lush Lip Scrub

This product is great for removing dead skin on your lips. The sugar isn’t too harsh so doesn’t leave your lips feeling sore. It removed the lose skin making applying lipsticks so much easier. The difference between the santa lip scrub and the bubblegum lip scrub is the fineness of the sugar. The santa one is much finer than the bubblegum one.


My random favourite last month was a TV show. It was obsessed with Castle. I am not really sure why i was so in love with it but it was the program that I found myself binge watching if I was bored.

So guys I guess that was all my favourites this month. I will post again next week so until then I hope you have a great week.

Hope xx





5 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites – March

    • hopexo says:

      I have found the same thing in summer when I am slightly more tan, my concealer was too light so I spent some time playing with it to come up with other uses and that is what I came up with, Im glad that this was helpful xx.

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